Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Barber-Surgeon and Midwives purposes!

      A barber- surgeon was a common medical practitioner that lived in the villages with many of the Medieval citizen. . He preformed many surgeries but simple surgeries. Some of the surgeries that a Barber Surgeon performed were extracting teeth, setting broken limbs, reticulating dislocated joints, and excising tumors and other skin lesions. They worked with military camps. They commonly performed amputations for soldiers by cutting of the limbs. That doesn't sound like the most promising job, now does it?! I'm sure it wasn't but it was a paying job and it did help the victim in need! But because the Barber- Surgeon reused the same tools for every patient, the majority of people had a spread of disease on them! That is not sanitary... Or  friendly?!

     Now the Midwive is another common Medical Practitioner. She performs Medical surgeries along with the Barber- Surgeon but some of the surgeries are different. For example one of the sergeries was to deleiver babys! Yay! Now that sounds like a fun job!(: Other than that, there was only one special/ huge surgery performance that was done by midwives... like i said it was delivering babys.


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